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SAFA Tool Now Available for Beta Testing

What: FAO is pleased to announce the Beta testing phase of the SAFA Tool version 2.1.50.

Why: The Tool is designed to support the implementation of SAFA Guidelines specifically at the supply chain assessment level. Those wanting to conduct a SAFA now have an easy-to-use software package in order to do so. FAO encourages and would greatly appreciates any users of the Tool to send their feedback to the SAFA Secretariat.

Who: The Tool is available for anyone wanting to conduct a SAFA assessment, including agriculturists, pastoralists, foresters, fisherman, harvesters, input suppliers, processors, traders, wholesalers or retailers, no matter how big or small.

When: The Beta testing phase extends from January to June 2014.

How: In order to download the Tool you will need to first “Register” some basic details using the button below. Once you have registered, you will then receive a confirmation e-mail. Please login using the link provided in this confirmation e-mail. Once you have logged in, a “Download” button will then become available on this page next the below buttons.

Once you have downloaded the SAFA Tool files, please read the User Manual for installation instructions. The Tool can be installed for free on any PC running Windows. Please contact us with any questions, as we offer e-support regarding the use of SAFA.

Additional Documents: During the ''Mapping'' stage of the SAFA procedure, you can use this Supply Chain Map Template to help map out your supply chain.


SAFA Tool User Manual

Download document

SAFA Tool Beta Testing

Download document