Policies and Laws

Policies and laws

African Land Policy Initiative

FAO provided support for the preparation and drafting of the Africa Land Policy Initiative, particularly through the strong participation and contributions of civil society, including farmers’ organizations.

Fisheries policy

There is often competition over aquatic resources and multiple user issues exist. The same waters are used for a number of human activities other than fisheries including aquaculture, power generation, agriculture, navigation, tourism, urban and industrial water supplies and waste disposal, oil exploration and drilling, and siting of ports and harbours. There is a need to secure access for fisheries communities to the resources (lands and waters) that form the basis of their livelihoods, considering also local norms and practices as well as customary or otherwise preferential access to fishery resources, land and territories, by small-scale fishing communities including indigenous peoples.

FAO is in the process of developing international guidelines on securing sustainable small-scale fisheries which will also deal with governance   of tenure issues.




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