Transfers and changes of rights

Transfers and other changes to tenure rights

Markets and fishing rights

The right to harvest a certain amount of fish of a particular species, in a designated area, in a given period of time, is usually called a "property right" and is implemented only in Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs). Depending on the countries, those holding the fishing right may be allowed or not to transfer their right by sale to someone else. Transferability tends to be considered as a necessary condition as it is this participation as an "owner" in the fishery, and the future benefits that improved management can bring, that creates the incentive for better management. This in turn has generated the interest of managers in this approach as a better form of fisheries management.

Investments in agricultural land

Mozambique is exploring models of partnerships between government, investors and local communities for investments in their lands that lead to sharing of benefits, with the technical assistance of FAO.

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Land consolidation and land banking

Lithuania and Serbia have adopted national strategies to guide the implementation of land consolidation and land banking. These strategies were prepared with the technical assistance of FAO. Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently preparing strategies and developing capacity in land consolidation and land banking with the assistance of FAO.

FAO has assisted in developing capacity in land consolidation and land banking through a series of technical projects, workshops and publications.

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