Journal of Land Reform, Land Settlement and Cooperatives

FAO's Journal on Land Reform, Land Settlement and Cooperatives was published between 1964 and 2009. Issues published between 1996 and 2009 are accessible below.

The successor of the Land Reform, Land Settlement and Cooperatives was launched in 2010. The new Land Tenure Journal aims to promote the latest knowledge in the technically, economically, politically and socially broad areas of land tenure. The Journal is accessible online here.


October 2009

  • Pro-poor policy reforms and governance in state/public lands: a critical civil society perspective
  • Compulsory land acquisitions and compensation in Ghana: searching for alternative policies and strategies
  • Government and public land management in Nepal
  • Le Registre du domaine de l’État: une infrastructure essentielle dans la gestion du territoire public
  • Options for the management of state land in rural areas of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • State and public land management: the drivers of change

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May 2009
  • Compulsory acquisition of land and compensation
  • Is the market value a fair and objective measure for determining compensation for compulsory acquisition of land?
  • Path of least resistance: a human rights perspective on expropriation
  • The epistemology of value in the assessment of just terms compensation
  • The assessment of compensation in compulsory land acquisition of oil- and gas-bearing lands in the Niger Delta
  • Distinctive criteria for previous compensation to real property expropriation in Argentina
  • Compensation in compulsory purchase of residential property in Belarus
  • Land valuation issues of expropriation applications in Turkey

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September 2007
  • Good governance in land administration and land tenure
  • Good governance in land administration projects: project preparation, project implementation, and capacity building
  • Good governance in public land management
  • Property rights registration system reform in Georgia for good governance in land tenure and administration
  • Addressing good governance in the process of privatization and restitution of agricultural land during the German reunification process

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January 2007
  • Insécurités foncières et trajectoires de sécurisation: illustrations ouestafricaines
  • Livestock policies, land and rural conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa
  • La réforme foncière de Madagascar ou le pari de la compétence locale
  • Concertación participativa para el desarrollo territorial en Huancavelica: un ejemplo en los Andes centrales peruanos
  • Processus d’élaboration et de mise en oeuvre du Code Rural au Niger – Bilan et perspectives
  • Descentralización y reforma de la tierra: la experiencia de la FAO
  • Access to resources: the dynamics of land tenure in Gallura (Sardinia, Italy)
  • Les conflits de frontière intra et intercommunaux au Bénin: replis identitaires et communalité contestée

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September 2006
  • The dynamics of customary land tenure and natural resource management in Darfur
  • Sécurité, insécurités, et sécurisation foncières: un cadre conceptuel
  • Strategic communication for land registration projects: a case study from El Salvador
  • Dependencia financiera: un problema de las organizaciones de productores. El caso de UNORCA
  • Les ventes de terre et l’appropriation foncière au Mali: les pratiques foncières entre la tradition, le marché et les procédures légales
  • Instituting good governance in the land administration system – the Philippines’ perspective
  • The National Agricultural Land Development Programme in Nigeria: impact on farm incomes in Oyo and Osun States
  • Some socio-economic consequences of the green revolution

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