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يونيو/حزيران 2010
Making the most of agricultural investment
A survey of business models that provide opportunities for smallholders

New research shows how agricultural investments in developing nations can be structured as alternatives to large-scale land acquisitions. It documents a range of more inclusive business models that can bring benefits to small-scale farmers and protect their land rights, while also ensuring returns to companies.


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مايو/أيار 2009

A joint IIED- FAO- IFAD publication. The first detailed study of large scale land acquisitions in Africa analyses the modalities and likely impacts. The study highlights the possible opportunities (investments, rising agricultural productivity and rural incomes), if things are managed well and warns about the risks (uncompensated loss of land rights for the rural poor) if contracts are not properly negotiated and enforced. It makes recommendations to the main stakeholders to make this new trend useful for food security and rural development.


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مارس/آذار 2007
Housing and property restitution for refugees and displaced persons
Implementing the 'Pinheiro Principles'

This Handbook is intended to practically assist a variety of actors and institutions, including headquarters and field staff, to secure protection and durable solutions for refugees and other displaced persons through the application of the Principles on Housing and Property Restitution to various situations of displacement. The document was prepared jointly by OCHA/IDD, UN HABITAT, UNHCR, FAO, OHCHR and the Norwegian Refugee Council and the NRC Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre.

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يونيو/حزيران 2006
Good governance in Land Administration
Principles and Good Practices

This joint FAO-World Bank publication aims to draw attention to the negative impacts of weak governance in land administration and to point out the manifold benefits of good governance in the protection of property rights and the development of efficient land and property markets. It provides positive examples of good practices from around the world, as well as an overview of principles and key questions to be applied in any country for the evaluation of governance in land administration.

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سبتمبر/أيلول 2005
A short introduction to micro-regional planning

Planning at the micro-regional level can be an effective instrument in efforts to promote rural and regional development in Central and Eastern Europe. Integrated rural development projects and programmes are needed to tackle the problems of deteriorating conditions in the rural areas. This paper serves as a practical introduction on how planning at the micro-regional level may be addressed. It is intended as a briefing for field people involved in the process, many of whom may be drawn from different technical and professional backgrounds.

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