FAO Land Tenure Notes

FAO Land Tenure Notes provide information on land tenure in a format that can be used by grassroots organizations that work with small farmers and others in rural communities.


January 2006
2. Improving gender equity in access to land

FAO Land tenure notes: In most societies, access to land has favoured certain individuals and groups at the expense of others. Women are one of the groups that often have fewer and weaker rights to land. The guide addresses gender relations and how their structure affects access to land. It provides some answers to the questions of “what is access to land” and “why is gender important”. The guide presents strategies to improve gender equity.

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January 2004
1. Leasing agricultural land

Fair and secure leasing arrangements that balance the interests of the tenant and the landowner can lead to improvements in access to land for farming, better agricultural production and improved access to food. The guide provides information for tenants and landowners who are interested in benefiting from having a clear leasing agreement that provide flexibility for landowners and security for tenants.

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