Policy Series

FAO Land Tenure Policy Series

FAO Land Tenure Policy Series provides policy level information on land tenure in a format that is easily accessible for policy makers and their advisers.


For the period of 2007-13, the European Union introduced new support programmes for rural development for its member states, for candidate and potential candidate countries, and for European Neighbourhood countries. This paper addresses the policy implications of using the new instruments to support land consolidation to increase agricultural competitiveness and improve rural conditions in transition countries. It describes the available funding options and makes recommendations for including land consolidation within a rural development programme.

The European Union has embarked upon a major expansion into Central and Eastern Europe with eight countries from the region becoming members in 2004, two more in 2007, and a process established by which the countries of the Western Balkans can eventually accede to the EU. Countries are only permitted to join the EU if they have functioning market economies. This policy paper explores the issues of land tenure data in this context and makes recommendations for suitable approaches for the countries in EU accession.