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Exploring the Gender and Land Rights Database (GLRD)

Learn more about the different factors that relate to gender inequalities embedded in land rights by exploring the country profiles, gender and land-related statistics and the recently-developed legislation assessment tool (LAT).

Country profiles
This database analyses the extent to which national legal frameworks and policies and programmes support the advancement of women or induce gender-differentiated access to land in 83 countries.

Gender and land-related statistics
Land-related statistics disaggregated by gender, including the share of men and women who are agricultural holders. Access the statistics through the search tool or the interactive map.

Legislation assessment tool (LAT)
To provide prompt, targeted and effective policy advice. Based on the legal information of the country profiles, the LAT assigns scores to 30 legal indicators to identify areas where action is required and advance gender-equitable land tenure.

Gender and Land Rights Database

News and briefs

For more FAO news on gender, visit the FAO Gender and Rural Employment Division - News archive.

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Selected publications on gender and tenure

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Land and Gender - Improving data availability and use in the Western Balkans

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Selected publications on gender, tenure and HIV-Aids.

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Protecting the property rights of women and children in Mozambique

15 April 2010 - Evictions, confiscation of property and discrimination are among the experiences increasingly reported by widows and orphans in Mozambique. An FAO-commissioned report offers recommendations to secure women’s and children’s rights to property and inheritance.
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New FAO database eyes gender gap in land rights

17 February 2010 - A new database launched by FAO puts the spotlight on one of the major stumbling blocks to rural development – widespread inequalities between men and women in their access to land.
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Land rights in Africa: Revisiting customary institutions

09 November 2009 - In order to support women's struggles for equality, new land legislation in Africa has to include explicit and mandatory mechanisms of inclusion.
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