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Land and Gender - Improving data availability and use in the Western Balkans

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Selected publications on gender, tenure and HIV-Aids.

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Protecting the property rights of women and children in Mozambique

15 April 2010 - Evictions, confiscation of property and discrimination are among the experiences increasingly reported by widows and orphans in Mozambique. An FAO-commissioned report offers recommendations to secure women’s and children’s rights to property and inheritance.
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New FAO database eyes gender gap in land rights

17 February 2010 - A new database launched by FAO puts the spotlight on one of the major stumbling blocks to rural development – widespread inequalities between men and women in their access to land.
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Land rights in Africa: Revisiting customary institutions

09 November 2009 - In order to support women's struggles for equality, new land legislation in Africa has to include explicit and mandatory mechanisms of inclusion.
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