Land tenure - Information resources

FAO Land Tenure Studies

FAO Land Tenure Working Papers

These concise presentations on land tenure are aimed at supporting specialists in land tenure and land administration.

FAO Land Tenure Working Papers analyse various aspects of governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests.


FAO Land Tenure Manuals

FAO Land Tenure Journal

FAO Land Tenure Notes

These manuals provide detailed guidance and technical materials on land tenure to support field implementation and training activities.

This peer-reviewed and open access journal promotes the latest knowledge in the technically, economically, politically and socially broad areas of tenure of land and other natural resources.

The Land Tenure Notes provide information on land tenure in a format that can be used by grassroots organizations that work with small farmers and others in rural communities.

FAO Land Tenure Policy Series

Miscellaneous publications on land tenure

Journal of Land Reform, Land Settlement and Cooperatives

FAO Land Tenure Policy Series provides policy level information on land tenure in a format that is easily accessible for policy makers and their advisers.

Miscellaneous publications include those studies, handbooks and other information material which do not form part of an  FAO land tenure publication series.

This Journal  was published between 1963 and 2009 as a medium for the dissemination of information and views on land reform and related subjects.