Land Tenure Journal, No 1 (2010)

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Land Tenure in Jordan

Husam Jamil Madanat


Modern Jordan was born after the First World War when the Ottoman Turks were defeated and their empire dismantled. Transjordan became an emirate under the British mandate. The Department of Lands and Survey (DLS) was established among other public bodies, and a number of laws organizing land tenure were issued. These laws can generally trace their roots to the Ottoman Land Code, which was promulgated in 1857.
Today, the Jordanian Department of Lands and Survey is responsible both for land surveys and property registration. This paper will examine Jordanian land tenure systems and show that the DLS has achieved substantial progress in modernizing land tenure to the benefit of the country’s people, e.g. the digitizing of all cadastral plans and registers. Nevertheless, radical reform to existing land laws and property registration procedures is still pending.

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