Land Tenure Journal, No 2 (2011)

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Editorial. Land tenure challenges in a changing climate

Anni Arial, Ting Hui Lau, Lisen Runsten


Tenure security is central to the sustainable management of land and other natural resources and should be mainstreamed into climate change mitigation and adaptation schemes. Drawing from articles in this thematic issue, this editorial consolidates arguments raised and positions maintained by the authors. The articles highlight the fundamental importance of tenure security, recognition of rights and strong governance structures for climate change mitigation and adaptation schemes to be effective. Without these prerequisites, schemes may threaten the livelihoods of many and especially those of the vulnerable and voiceless. Various administration systems are discussed by authors including the comparison between full scale registration and more basic recording of rights. Authors also outline debates surrounding whether carbon rights should be tied to land and natural resources rights and, if they should, how this may be done. This editorial concludes by re-emphasizing the need to consider tenure issues and governance structures into climate change mitigation and adaptation equations right from the outset, despite potential higher resource and time costs such considerations may impose.

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