Land Tenure Journal, No 1 (2012)

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Governance of tenure. Making it happen

Anni Arial, David Palmer, Margret Vidar, Juan Carlos Garcia Cebolla, Francesca Romano, Leila Shamsaifar


This is the last in a series of four papers on the Voluntary Guidelines on the Governance of Tenure. This paper addresses the implementation of the Guidelines. The first paper provides an overview of the Guidelines and briefly describes tenure and the need for the Guidelines. The second paper describes the preparation of the Guidelines and the third one describes why the tenure of land, fisheries and forests is the focus of the Guidelines.

The inclusive and participatory development process of the Guidelines and the global recognition of the importance of responsible governance of tenure is a key foundation for the implementation of the Guidelines and for any work to improve governance of tenure. Institutions and actors involved in the administration and management of tenure of land, fisheries and forests, as well as those supporting them, are encouraged to make effective use of the Guidelines and engage in collaborative actions. Partnerships and common efforts are key to promote the Guidelines, raise awareness on governance of tenure, develop capacities of a range of stakeholders, facilitate technical implementation in countries and monitor and evaluate activities and latest evolutions in the field of tenure governance.

The Guidelines are an engagement towards changing the rules of the game and working towards more transparent and accountable tenure structures and administration. Associated with other activities and frameworks, such as the African Land Policy Initiative, there is a scope for making governance of tenure happen.

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