Land Tenure Journal, No 2 (2012)

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Land ownership and land use in Sardinia, Italy: towards sustainable development patterns

Angela Cacciarru


The observation and analysis of current land-use practices in Sardinia, Italy, reveals a myriad of informal arrangements that reflect property relationships through which land use is organized in the interest of local economic development.
These informal arrangements, and the different ways they have been incorporated into formal land-use regulations, are the focus of this study of two Sardinian provinces. Drawing on the author's participant observation, the paper looks at how common and private property types coexist with private and public property, in hybrid systems that are not transitional arrangements in an evolution toward private property. They result from engaged local involvement in setting the terms for property use, and can be efficient and sustainable.
The author's research also aims to contribute to the debate on property, with specific reference to the presence of hybrid property regimes in Europe, as well as other world regions. The paper's conclusions reflect on the lessons that could be taken from the study, with particular reference to next European Union budget cycle of 2014-2020.

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