Governance of Tenure



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No 1 (2014): Thematic issue on land tenure and disaster risk management

This thematic issue on land tenure and disaster risk management (DRM) stems from the recent work done at FAO on normative aspects of land tenure governance that address natural disasters through the DRM framework. In particular, it reflects work undertaken by FAO in partnership with Commission 7, Cadastre and Land Management, of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG).


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No 1 (2013): Thematic issue on fisheries tenure

This issue of the FAO Land Tenure Journal includes seven articles based on the case studies presented and discussed in the FAO workshop on governance of tenure for responsible capture fisheries (Rome, July 2011):
- Governance of tenure in small-scale fisheries: key considerations
- Governance of tenure in capture fisheries in Southeast Asia
- Governance of tenure in the Lake Victoria fisheries, Tanzania
- Governing tenure in Norwegian and Sami small-scale fisheries: from common pool to common property?
- Emerging proposals for tenure governance in small-scale fisheries in South Africa
- Tenure in the Grenada beach seine fishery
- Marine protected areas: securing tenure rights of fishing communities?


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No 2 (2012)

- Experiences with land reform and land consolidation in Moldova
- Addressing natural resources issues in Darfur through a Participatory and Negotiated Territorial Development approach: preliminary results
- Agricultural land tenure security under Vietnamese land law: legislative changes and improvements since the economic reform
- Rethinking China's land tenure reform: the emergence of farmers' land shareholding cooperatives
- Land and marine tenure in French Polynesia: case study of Teahupoo
- Land ownership and land use in Sardinia, Italy: towards sustainable development patterns

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No 1 (2012): Thematic issue on the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure

This issue of the FAO Land Tenure Journal focuses on the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security. It brings together four articles that will help to better understand the contents of the Guidelines, their development process, their thematic focus and the strategies for their implementation.


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No 2 (2011): Thematic issue on land tenure and climate change

This thematic issue brings together theories and practices related to land tenure and climate change both from the mitigation and adaptation perspectives. Articles look at the implications that REDD+ and Payments for Environmental Services pose to land tenure and administration, propose approaches to deal with the new challenges and analyse the adaptation of local tenure systems and livelihoods to climate change.
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No 1 (2011)

- Intermediate land tenure: Inferior instruments for second-class citizens?
- Between reality and rhetoric in land conflicts: An anecdotal anatomy of the lawful, bona fide occupants and customary tenants in Kyenjonjo district, Uganda
- Spatial Data Infrastructure and INSPIRE in Global Dimension
- Uncontrolled land consumption versus resource-saving land use in Germany
- Towards land governance in the Middle East and North Africa region
- The agrarian issue in Brazil requires land governance
- Why the notion of agrarian reform is losing currency in Latin America


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No 1 (2010)

- Tenure security, formalization of rights, land regulation institutions and investments. For a broader conceptual framework
- Decentralisation, land tenure reforms and local institutional actors. Building partnerships for equitable and sustainable land governance in Africa
- The driving forces of land conversion. Towards a financial framework for better land use policy
- Sustainable land privatization involving participatory land use planning in rural areas. An example from Tanzania
- Land tenure and disaster risk management
- Land Tenure in Jordan