Governance of Tenure

No 1 (2013)

Thematic issue on fisheries tenure

Table of Contents

Preface PDF
Governance of tenure in small-scale fisheries: key considerations PDF
Anthony Charles
Governance of tenure in capture fisheries in Southeast Asia PDF
Robert S. Pomeroy
Governance of tenure in the Lake Victoria fisheries, Tanzania PDF
Paul Onyango
Governing tenure in Norwegian and Sami small-scale fisheries: from common pool to common property? PDF
Svein Jentoft
Emerging proposals for tenure governance in small-scale fisheries in South Africa PDF
Jackie Sunde, Merle Sowman, Henk Smith, Wilmien Wicomb
Tenure in the Grenada beach seine fishery PDF
James Finlay, Patrick McConney, Hazel Oxenford
Marine protected areas: securing tenure rights of fishing communities PDF
Chandrika Sharma, Ramya Rajagopalan