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Expert workshop on water resource and use assessment methodologies - Latin America
FAO Regional Office for latin America and the Caribbean, Santiago, Chile
1-2 December 2009


In order to be able to correctly interpret the information provided by countries and striving to maintain the highest quality of data in its database, the AQUASTAT Team undertook an exercise to develop a better understanding of the different technical methods used by countries to generate the reported information. This was accomplished by sending questionnaires asking for the methods used to generate the information reported at a national level. Subsequently a workshop was organized for two purposes: 1) for the AQUASTAT programme to attempt to address some of the more confusing or data-poor concepts from the questionnaire, and 2) to provide a venue through which water professionals could become exposed to different methodologies being employed in their area, and to develop bilateral/multilateral agreements to help each other reach their common objectives.

The agenda can be found [here].
The proceedings can be found [here]


The first day of the workshop consisted of several excellent presentations by the gathered experts, provided here below.

arrow FAO-Chile
Welcome and opening address
AQUASTAT Programme and water information in Latin America
arrow Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
Advances and challenges in water statistics in the Latin America and Caribbean region
arrow Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Temporal and spatial behaviour of precipitation in Bolivia
arrow Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Hydrological models as an alternative to water resource evaluation in Latin America
arrow Brasil
Water resource situation in Brazil
arrow Chile
Information in water quality management
arrow Colombia
Water resources in Colombia
arrow Ecuador
Water resource evaluation methods
arrow Ecuador
Brief description of water resource administration in Ecuador
arrow Mexico
Information consolidation in a sustainable water policy in Mexico
arrow Panama
Water management in Panama
arrow Peru
Deglaciation, water resources and high-mountain geodynamic processes
arrow Uruguay
Water resource management in Uruguay
arrow Uruguay
Livestock, agricultural and horticultural water requirements in Uruguay

The audio to all presentations was recorded, and is available upon request.

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