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Water resources: total external renewable

Ressources en eau renouvelables extérieures totales

Recursos hídricos: totales renovables externos

External Renewable Water Resources: That part of the country's long-term average annual renewable water resources that are not generated in the country. It includes inflows from upstream countries (groundwater and surface water), and part of the water of border lakes and/or rivers. ERWR take into account the quantity of flow reserved by upstream (incoming flow) and/or downstream (outflow) countries through formal or informal agreements or treaties. Therefore, it may vary with time. In extreme cases, it may be negative when the flow reserved to downstream countries is more than the incoming flow. The rules applied for computing ERWR are given in this template as an example:

10^9 m3/yr

Calculation Criteria:
[Water resources: total external renewable] = [Surface water: total external renewable]+[Groundwater: accounted inflow]

Related Term:

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One term found.