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Gender mainstreaming

Intégration des considérations de parité hommes-femmes

Incorporación de las cuestiones de género

Mainstreaming gender issues means taking into account the different implications for men, women and children of any project or programme. During planning and execution it is important to assess who will benefit and who will lose from the planned intervention, taking into account the different knowledge, needs and requirements of men, women and children of different ages, class and social-economic status so that each one can equally benefit from the project and existing inequalities are not reinforced. The ultimate goal is to achieve gender equality.

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Economics, policy, institutions, Geography, land, soil, population
FAO. 2013. Passport to Mainstreaming Gender in Water Programmes: Key questions for interventions in the agricultural sector. Prepared by: Esther de Jong, Juan Antonio Sagardoy and Ilaria Sisto. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome.