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Interannual variability (WRI)

Variabilité interannuelle (WRI)

Variabilidad interanual (WRI)

A normalized indicator of the variation in water supply between years. Interannual variability is calculated as the standard deviation of annual total blue water divided by the mean of total blue water from 1950 to 2010. The indicator was created by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and ranges from 0-5, where 0 is lowest and 5 is highest. Values represent the "All-sector" indicator, and have been rounded to the nearest tenth by AQUASTAT. In WRI's analysis, 'water supply' refers to 'total blue water', which approximates naturalized river discharge (water that is consumed upstream is not removed). This was a one-time exercise and will be updated by WRI when new data is made available.


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Climate, water resources

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For more information, please see the original WRI analysis.