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MDG 7.5. Freshwater withdrawal as % of total renewable water resources

OMD 7.5. Prélèvement d'eau douce en % des ressources en eau renouvelables totales

ODM 7.5. Extracción de agua dulce como % de recursos hídricos renovables totales

Total freshwater withdrawn in a given year, expressed in percentage of the total renewable water resources (TRWR). This parameter is an indication of the pressure on the renewable water resources. It was the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Indicator 7.5, from which the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicator 6.4.2 is derived with the introduction of Environmental Flow Requirements.


Calculation Criteria:
[MDG 7.5. Freshwater withdrawal as % of total renewable water resources] = 100*[Total freshwater withdrawal (primary and secondary)]/[Total renewable water resources]

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One term found.