Spatial data

This section contains several downloadable spatial datasets. These digital datalayers are being used by FAO for regional, continental and global spatial analyses related to the field of water resources and irrigation.

Regional datasets:

Maps in GeoNetwork: GeoNetwork is an opensource depository that allows users to share geographically referenced thematic information between different organizations.
Downloadable maps: Maps of hydrological basins and rivers, downloadedable in .png format.
Basins, rivers and dams in Google Earth: A google .kml or .kmz file, suitable for viewing basins, rivers and dams in Google Earth.
Geo-referenced dams databases: The dam databases are provided as Excel files. Each file has two sheets: the first sheet contains the database and the second sheet contains the legend. These databases, in their present format, are neither complete nor can be considered error-free. They correspond to the best available information at the time of the study.
Notes and References: Explanatory document providing specific information about the refrerences used, and brief notes on the more complicated dams contained in the excel spreadsheet.

Region Hydrological basins Rivers Dams
Africa *           


 Southern and Eastern        
 Western (Middle East)           


 Australia and New Zealand        

* In addition to the above, the following spacial datasets are available in GeoNetwork:
  1. Inland water bodies
  2. Irrigation cropping pattern zones
  3. Irrigation figures

Global datasets:


Go to AquaMaps for another presentation of AQUASTAT's global online spatial database on water and agriculture.

More geographically referenced thematic information can be found at GeoNetwork.

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