Tables and maps

This section contains global tables and maps with key data on water and agriculture. The tables can be downloaded as a PDF file, the maps can be consulted in an interactive way or downloaded as a PDF file.

Global maps by theme:

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    Total renewable water resources per inhabitant
    Proportion of renewable water resources withdrawn: MDG Water Indicator
    Proportion of total water withdrawal withdrawn for agriculture
    Agricultural water withdrawal as % of total renewable water resources
    Total water withdrawal per capita
    Area equipped for full control irrigation
    Part of cultivated area under irrigation

Tables showing global, continental and regional data by theme:

PDF version    Population, areas and gross domestic product
PDF version    Long-term average annual precipitation and internal renewable water resources
PDF version    Municipal, industrial and agricultural water withdrawal
PDF version    Area equipped for irrigation and part irrigated by groundwater
PDF version    Continental, regional and sub-regional country groupings

Downloadable maps:

Selected river basins:
Hydrological basins by region:
Rivers by region:

For downloadable spatial datasets by region go to the Spatial data page.

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