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Links to other information systems, databases and spatial datasets related to the field of water resources and agriculture.

An on-line and multilingual database containing time-series on agricultural statistics.
FAO Country Profiles and Mapping Information System
An information retrieval tool which groups FAO's archive of information in a single area and catalogues it by country.
FAO - Global Information and Early Warning System
Various information used by FAO's Global Information and Early Warning System to assess the crop and food supply situation in the World.
FAO / IIASA - Global Agro-Ecological Zones
Information on crop suitability and land productivity assessments for the whole world.
FAO - The State of...
FAO's world reviews on, among others, Food and Agriculture and Food Insecurity in the World.
GRDC - Global Runoff Data Centre
Digital world-wide depository of river discharge data.
GWSP - Atlas
Global Water Systems Project: Digital Water Atlas.
ICID - International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
Datasets of irrigation by ICID member countries.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - Data Distribution Centre
Spatial datasets with observed climate data and climate change scenarios.
SHI / UNESCO - World water resources and their use
A comprehensive data set on global surface water resources, and water use for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes.
The World’s Water - Information on the World's Freshwater Resources
Water data, water maps, comprehensive water links, and history, related to the biennial water report The World's Water.
Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database
An historical overview of international river basin management containing a detailed listing of international freshwater agreements.
UN - Water
The official United Nations mechanism for follow-up of the water-related decisions reached at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development and the Millennium Development Goals.
UNDP - WaterWiki
On-line knowledge and collaboration tool of the Community of Practice (CoP) on Water- and UNDP-related activities in Central and South-Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.
Information on freshwater quality monitoring and assessment.
UNEP - Global Resource Information Database
Access to environmental datasets from different sources all over the world.
UNESCO - Water Portal
This site provides links to programmes on freshwater co-ordinated by UNESCO.
University of Bonn - Datasets
Collaboration with AQUASTAT on the Global Map of Irrigation Areas (GMIA).
University of Frankfurt - Datasets
Goethe Universitsät: Datasets and maps on irrigation, drainage, lakes, wetlands.
University of Kassel - WATCLIM
Dialogue on water and climate (WATCLIM): a global perspective on water resources.
University of New Hampshire - Global Hydrologic Archive and Analysis System
Several hydrologic databases including a Global River Discharge Database, a Global Composite Runoff Data Set and a Global Water Data Bases Meta-Data System.
U.S. Geological Survey - HydroSHEDS
Hydrological data and maps based on SHuttle Elevation Derivatives at multiple Scales: a suite of geo-referenced data sets (vector and raster) at various scales.
U.S. Geological Survey - LP DAAC
Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center: Spatial dataset, including satellite imagery, elevation and land cover data.
A Knowledge and Information Dissemination System on Water Conservation and Use in Agriculture.
WHO / UNICEF - Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) for water supply and sanitation
Website with information and statistics on water supply and sanitation worldwide.
World Bank - Data and statistics
General data and indicators on countries and development.
World Resources Institute - Fact and Figures
Environmental data from the "World Resources" publication.
World Water Assessment Programme - WWAP
UN system-wide continuing assessment process undertaken by UN-Water, focusing on assessing the developing situation as regards freshwater throughout the world.
World Water Council - WWC
An international water policy think tank.
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