Spatial data, tables and maps

The links below provide a selection of downloadable maps and datasets related to water and agriculture:

arrow Spatial data - Downloadable datasets related to the field of water resources and irrigation
arrow Tables and maps - Tables on population and geography, water resources, water withdrawal and irrigation by continent, region and sub-regionand, and key maps on water resources, water withdrawal, irrigation, countries, hydrological basins and rivers
arrow Atlas of water resources and irrigation in Africa - Information regarding water resources and agricultural water use by river basin
arrow Water resources and the MDG water indicator by country - Information regarding water resources by country and by inhabitant and percentage of renewable water resources withdrawn (Water Indicator of the Millennium Development Goals) by country.
arrow People who are not familiar with the relationship between water, agriculture, food security and poverty, are refered to Water at a glance, a ten-minute presentation in flash or html, about effective ways of managing agricultural water.

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