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Water Resources and Irrigation in Africa

Introduction Background and rationale Data used Water balance model
Current water use for agriculture Model calibration Results References


The Land and Water Development Division of FAO is developing a global information system of water and agriculture with the objective to provide users with comprehensive information on the state of agricultural water management across the world. Such a system should help in assessing the role of irrigation in global food production and the relation between irrigation and water scarcity. Apart from the classical country-based statistics on all aspects of agricultural water management (water resources and use, irrigation, drainage, etc.), a geographical modelling tool has been developed to provide users with GIS-based databases, maps and model simulations.

Africa is the first continent for which the information system has been completed. The information collected and processed consists of a set of tables and maps on water resources and irrigation at continental level and by river basin (major basins and sub-basins) resulting from simulations on the water balance model. This information has been published earlier as part of the CD-ROM: FAO Land and Water Digital Media Series no. 13 - Atlas of Water Resources and Irrigation.

The programme was partly financed by the Netherlands Directorate-General for International Cooperation.

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