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Third World Water Forum

Paddy FieldFAO has been actively involved in the organization of several major events that took place during the Third World Water Forum.

Several of the background documents presented during the forum were prepared and funded in co-operation with the Japanese Government through project GCP/INT/861/JPN. [see suggested readings]

Institutional mapping

Institutional mapping consists of assessing the different roles and responsibilities of institutions dealing with the management of irrigation and drainage of paddy cultivation systems and the interactions among them. The institutional mapping for the ESPIM-project is carried out in co-operation with the International Programme for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage (IPTRID). The institutional settings in the different countries are evaluated by applying the IPTRID capacity needs assessment guidelines, that include the following aspects:

  • Roles, functions and responsibilities of the institution;
  • Organizational structure;
  • Financial resources;
  • Human resources and level of expertise;
  • Interactions among the institutions.

Assessments have been finalised for two different countries: the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. A survey that evaluates the institutional settings in Thailand is in preparation.