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Spatial information

In the framework of the "Information and reporting system for water and agriculture in Asian monsoon areas", two spatial datasets have been developed that are of key importance to assess the impact of water use for agriculture on the available water resources. One dataset describes the extent of irrigation as percentage of total land area in South East Asia, and the other is a delineation of river basins and sub-basin boundaries.

The map of irrigation for South East Asia has been developed according to the same methodology as the Global Map of Irrigated Areas, and is fully compatible with this dataset. The map with river basins is adapted from the HYDRO1k geographic database as developed by the US Geological Survey's EROS Data Center in cooperation with UNEP/GRID Sioux Falls.

Both maps have been used as input data layers to calculate a water balance for Southeast Asia, as part of the Norwegian funded Southeast Asia Poverty Mapping project (GCP/INT/761/NOR).

arrow Map of irrigation for South East Asia.
arrow Map of major river basins and sub-basins in South East Asia.
arrow Southeast Asia Poverty Mapping - Water Balance.

The interactive map below shows the map of irrigated areas in combination with the major river basins (click for the name of the basin) in South East Asia.

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