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Poster Series

A poster series was prepared to make existing information on the Nile system more accessible to the public at large.

The aim is to make it easier for stakeholders to participate – informed and knowledgeable – in the discussion on how to achieve the “shared vision: sustainable socio-economic development through equitable utilization of, and benefits from, the common Nile basin water resources”.

Maps and pictures carry high volumes of data and can be presented on a single page before our eyes. The cartographic products combine information from various sources.

The following posters were prepared:

Nile Flows Poster: It visualizes the hydrology of the Nile.

Population Prospects in the Nile Basin: this poster presents two images of human population distribution in the Nile countries: an estimate for 2005, and a projection for 2030.

Observed Biomass Production: this illustration visualizes the spatial and temporal variability of vegetation cover – and associated rainfall - over the Nile region.

Dominant Crops in the Nile Basin: This poster shows the regional variations in dominant crops typically found throughout the Nile Basin.

“Food for Thought” Scenario Poster: it visualizes the extent of the “Food for Thought” (F4T) scenario set.

Agricultural Trade in the Nile Countries: this poster shows the balance of trade of agricultural commodities of the ten Nile riparians expressed in monetary values.

From Producer to Consumer – Some Constraint in Agricultural Production and Trade: this photo series aims to illustrate some of the socio-economic constraints in agricultural production.

Water Resources Infrastructure in the Nile Basin: it shows the location of the main dams, weirs, and irrigation systems in the Nile Basin.

Nutrition Requirements in the Nile Basin for 2030: this poster presents a realistic range of food supply requirements in the Nile Basin for 2030.

Rainfall Runoff on Kyoga Nile Sub-Basin: this poster has been prepared by the Directorate of Water Resources Management in Uganda as part of the project’s capacity building component.