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A forum – called Hydromet Forum – will be established. Aim of the forum is to enhance the sustainability of the hydro-meteorological monitoring networks in the Nile region. Modern hydrometric technology has been introduced in the Nile basin countries in recent years. This includes the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), various types of automatic water level recorders, and a Campbell Scientific automatic weather station. An extensive training program regarding operation and maintenance of the equipment was implemented in each Nile country. However, the current user group is small and subject to significant staff turn-over.The project attaches importance to encouraging informal communication among monitoring professionals, who are typically stationed at field locations with only irregular interactions with professional colleagues. In a number of occasions, this isolated setup was found responsible for extended delays in solving day-to-day hydrometric problems, in particular regarding electronic equipment, computer operation, or related peripherals.

Internet based, the forum will facilitate the exchange of experience and joint problem-solving of practical field problems. Combining the experience of hydrometric professionals from all over the Nile basin will build a strong regional knowledge base, and reduce the need for external support. Internet is now widely available in the Nile region.

FAO Nile has acquired a domain name and bulletin board system. The opening page, structure, and bulletin board for the Hydromet Forum were designed. Forum questions and answer will be exchanged through an e-mail mailing list.

In view its limited duration, FAO Nile is not the appropriate organization to host the Hydromet Forum. Through joint hosting with the NELSAP Kagera Transboundary Integrated Water Resources Managemetn Project, a durable solution was found.

In the first year after its launch, the forum will be operated mostly by FAO Nile staff. It is proposed to gradually shift expertise and responsibility to the NELSAP Kagera TIWRM project, who will take full charge of the forum after the closure of FAO Nile.

NELSAP Kagera and FAO Nile, through their respective national coordinators, will identify Nile basin monitoring professionals who will be invited to participate. FAO Nile will contact various partners - equipment manufacturers, hydrometric consultants, etc. - on the existence of the forum and request for input as necessary.

The joint official launch of the forum is scheduled for August 2007.