Food-based dietary guidelines

Food-based dietary guidelines - Ecuador

Official name

Food-based dietary guidelines of Ecuador (Spanish: Guías alimentarias basadas en alimentos del Ecuador).

Publication year

Ecuador launched its first food-based dietary guidelines in 2018. 

Process and stakeholders

The dietary guidelines were developed through a multidisciplinary approach, establishing two participatory platforms. The first, an Interinstitutional Governing Committee, was created to govern the process and included delegates from ministries of health, agriculture, aquaculture, social inclusion, education and FAO (as an entity of technical and financial support). The second, a multi-stakeholder technical committee, was formed to oversee the technical process, including representatives from academia, civil society, United Nations agencies, and public and private institutions.  

Intended audience

The dietary guidelines are aimed at the healthy population over 2 years of age.

Food guide

Ecuador's food guide is represented by a wooden spoon and reflects all the dietary guidelines messages. The inside of the spoon represents a healthy plate with the food groups in the recommended proportions. The handle of the spoon shows a family eating together, as well as the flag of Ecuador and different food producers (farmers and a fiserhman). The outside of the spoon showcases different types of physical activities. There is also a circle of foods to avoid. The food guide is meant to reflect variety, proportionality and cultural diversity. 


  • Let's eat healthy and tasty, choose fresh and varied foods every day.
  • Let's include animal source foods or legumes in our daily dishes to develop and strengthen our bodies.
  • To improve digestion, let's eat fresh vegetables or fruits in all meals. 
  • Let's eat better by combining legumes with cereals like rice, maize or quinoa.
  • Let's drink 8 glasses of safe water during the day to keep ourselves hydrated.
  • Let's protect our health: avoid the consumption of ultraprocessed foods, fast food and sugar sweetened beverages.
  • By consuming less sugar, salt and fats, we avoid diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.
  • Healthy body, healthy mind! To improve our physical and mental wellbeing, let's practice at least half an hour of your favourite physical activity. 
  • Let's value what is ours! Take advantage of the richness of the food and flavours of Ecuador. Let's cook and enjoy as a family!
  • From the plant to the pot. Choose fresh products from local producers. We all win and save!
  • Let us know what we eat. Let's review on the label: ingredients, nutritional traffic light and expiration date. Let's choose wisely!

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