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Action in countries

It is through policies and programmes at country level work that FAO’s work on nutrition assessment, nutrition education, nutrition requirements and food composition comes together to leverage investments in agriculture for nutrition(including crops, livestock, fisheries and forestry).

FAO’s nutrition policy work at country level work is integrated in the FAO Country Programming Frameworks and implemented in collaboration with other UN agencies, through the United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAF), UN Joint Programmes, and support to improved nutrition governance through the UN System Network for Scaling Up Nutrition/REACH.

Improving nutrition and livelihoods through adult and junior Farmer Field and Life Schools

FAO trains women, men and youth through Farmer Field and Life Schools (FFLS) in many countries, including Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. This approach is being integrated in countries' agricultural policies and programmes to address malnutrition and rural poverty. FAO is supporting the setup of these Farmer School and the training of national extension staff who run them, ensuring that communities receive the adequate training in nutrition-enhancing homestead food production and in nutrition education for better nutrition practices and food choices.

Promoting fish consumption to fight hunger in Somalia

Despite Somalia's enormous marine resources, the country's fishing industry remains largely under-developed and its fisheries unexploited. This is partly due to decades of conflict and piracy on the high seas -- but also because fish does not form part of the traditional Somali diet.

FAO and WFP join forces with the Somali authorities in a campaign to encourage Somalis to eat more fish, as a way to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa. In addition to the support provided to Somalia's fisheries sector (with training in sustainable fishing, fishing equipment, jetties and cold chains to support fish preservation, distribution and marketing), the nutrition information campaign "Fish is Good for You" targets female heads of households and young people, encouraging fish consumption for a better health.  Increasing the consumption of fish in Somalia will strengthen the livelihood of fishermen and provide a more nutrient-rich diet for Somali households.

Working together across sectors to improve nutrition in the Niger

FAO collaborates with the High Commission for the «3N Initiative» (Nigeriens Nourish the Nigeriens) to develop national ministries’ capacity to address nutrition challenges in the country. The initiative also covers the empowerment of local communities through the “communes of convergence” approach; the joint planning and targeting for better nutrition at the community level, with UN Agencies; the integration of nutrition objectives into key policy documents, programs and projects; and the development of nutrition assessment and analysis of the Dietary Diversity Score for Women.