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Maximizing the nutritional benefits of food security interventions in West Africa - Workshop

West Africa is still affected by some of the world’s highest rates of hunger and malnutrition. The multidimensional nature of the problem must be tackled at its root, with sustainable and positive impact on food and nutrition security and on the livelihoods of populations in the region. 

To encourage multidisciplinary synergies, the Nutrition Working Group for West Africa supported the organisation of a sub-regional workshop on "Maximising the Nutrition Benefits of Food Security Interventions in West Africa". The workshop, held in Dakar in May 2011, was organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Action Against Hunger (ACF) and the REACH Partnership with the following objectives:

  • promoting integrated food and nutrition security interventions,
  • building upon existing experience,
  • and providing actors in the region with the tools to do it.

The workshop brought together more then 40 programme managers coming from 11 west african countries and working in agriculture, fisheries, livestock, health, gender, care practices and other fields. For three days, they shared knowledge, experience and challenges with the help of technical experts and skilled facilitators.

For more, please watch the two short workshop documentaries and check the workshop presentations below.

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Workshop presentations

Workshop presentations


Nutritional Assessment and Situation Analysis

Programme Design and Implementation


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