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Learning from experience...

A great number of successful activities are carried out at local level to support and enhance the food security, nutrition and livelihoods of vulnerable households, in emergency as in development contexts.

Yet the knowledge and experience are rarely documented, leading to a lack of awareness of successful interventions, the absence of capitalization on lessons learned from experience and the replication of inefficient – if not harmful- practices.

The FAO Nutrition Division supports the documentation and dissemination of lessons learned and good practices with the Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihoods (FSNL) factsheets series. This series offers a participatory procedure through which local actors can document key learnings and good practices from their field activities. The final product is a 2-pages factsheet, easy to carry, store, share and distribute. Targeted at a broad audience, it provides entry points for more technical information on each topic. 

...and promoting good work


The FSNL Factsheets serve two purposes:

  • raise awareness on successful practices and serve as entry point to more detailed and technical information sources (documents and people) related the implementation of particular interventions;
  • increase recognition, among partners, donors and peers, of what can be (and has been) achieved on the field.

Generic factsheets can also be compiled through the synthesis of lessons learned from various interventions in the same thematic area.