Section: Nutrition requirements

This manual provides home care agents and local service providers with practical recommendations for a healthy and well balanced diet for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Section: Food composition

Human nutrition in the developing world will serve as a comprehensive introduction to nutritional problems in developing countries. It is also designed as a useful reference for workers in agriculture, health, education and other fields who are seeking to promote...

Section: Food composition

Teachers of agriculture should find this resource book useful in creating effective and innovative training programmes. We are confident that the training activities they develop will enable those working in rural development and agriculture to contribute to long-term improvements in...

Section: Nutrition Education

This training package, Improving nutrition through home gardening, is for the instruction of agricultural extension agents and other field workers in Southeast Asia. It aims to strengthen their ability to promote home gardening for better family and community nutrition. The...

Section: Nutrition assessment

These guidelines are designed for development workers from different technical and institutional backgrounds, who will be working with a community for at least two years, and want to integrate nutrition concerns in their routine activities effectively.

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