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Section: Nutrition policies and programmes

Schools can develop multiple-win situations and positive outcomes in learning performance, food security, nutrition, rural development, local economy and lifestyle practices and habits. This short document provides comprehensive models of action currently being promoted and key factors of success.

Section: Nutrition policies and programmes

Despite its nutritional, economic, social and cultural importance, street food in Africa is undermined by food safety issues, poor nutritional variety, widespread informality of vendors , and policy gaps. Major findings provided by literature throughout the last two and a...

Section: Nutrition Education

Food is wasted because we put too much food on our plates, we buy food and don‘t eat it before it goes off, restaurants or and school cafeterias serve portions that are too big, etc. This poster conveys key messages...

Section: Nutrition policies and programmes

Our food system and consumption practices have, since prehistoric times, shaped and transformed our world and our societies. There have been enormous advances - in agricultural practice and in systems of storage, distribution and retailing – that have enabled population...

Section: Food composition

This infographic highlights the importance of food and nutrition education for healthy diets, and FAO's role and interventions in this area.