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Capacity Development



Capacity building (CB) is at the heart of FAO's mandate. This Portal contributes to FAO's vision to strengthen the national capacities of its member states to achieve their goals in food security and agricultural development. FAO's CB Portal is designed to help FAO's partners, member states and other international, national and local development actors to access knowledge, information, training tools, good practices, and services in Capacity Building in FAO's mandate areas.



In the spirit of FAO's stronger focus on knowledge sharing, this web site provides access to a set of best practice in summary format, covering a number of FAO's major areas of expertise. It also provides links to further resources with supporting technical information. The practices are divided by theme and have been selected where they have been adopted successfully in more than one region and are interdisciplinary in nature, reflecting the complex nature of the problems addressed.



The Education for Rural People initiative (ERP), based on a partnership between FAO and UNESCO, calls for collaborative action to address rural-urban disparities by targeting the educational needs of rural people. The partnership is open to members committed to working separately to achieve the following goals. Overcoming the urban/rural gap in education.

  • Increasing access to basic ERP
  • Improving the quality of basic ERP
  • Fostering the national capacity to plan and implement ERP as part of National Education for All and Rural Development Plans.
  • Building awareness on the importance of ERP as a crucial step to achieving all the Millennium Development Goals, and particularly, eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education and promoting gender equity.