Communication for Development


November 1997
The Internet and rural and agricultural development

an integrated approach

The purpose of this paper is to promote expansion of Internet services in support of rural and agricultural development. It presents a vision of an integrated approach that can lead to the growth of vibrant rural and agricultural communication networks across nations, regions and the globe. An integrated approach recognizes that rural people can benefit from communication networks that enable information to flow to and from rural communities and agricultural organizations. An integrated approach also fosters communication among the many intermediary organizations that work for rural and agricultural development. Thus, the paper focuses both on establishing rural access to the ...

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November 1994
Social communication in nutrition

a methodology for intervention

A systematic description of planning an intervention programme in social communication in nutrition is provided in the Guide. In each chapter, a theoretical component is presented along with many examples of field activities. Technical files detailing a know how for implementing a method is given. The idea is to provide the users with the technical skills and practical examples so that all of them will find some useful information for their work according to their responsibility. A selected bibliography is also provided.

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