Communication for Development


September 2001
"Linking rural radio to the internet"

Final Communique

As a follow-up to the International Rural Radio Workshop held in February 2000 at FAO Headquarters in Rome, the Communication for Development Group implemented a workshop entitled "Linking rural radio to the internet" in Bamako, Mali from 18-21 September 2001. At the workshop, two working groups were charged with evaluating the project proposal. One group examined the theme "Technologies and applications in the Malian context: Training and Human Resources"; the other working group explored the topic entitled "Content, Collaboration, Partnerships, Education and Human Resources".

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March 2001
The First International Workshop on Farm Radio Broadcasting

The First International Workshop on Farm Radio Broadcasting, organized by the Extension, Training and Communication Service, was held from the 19 - 22 February, 2001, at FAO Headquarters in Rome (Italy). The title of the workshop was "Information and Communication Technologies Servicing Farm Radio: New Contents, New Partnerships". The Workshop was attended by more than forty participants representing unions, federations, African, European and North American farm radio networks, institutions supporting farm radio, and communication experts as well as persons from other FAO technical services.

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