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November 2012
Community Radio as a knowledge tool in responding to climate change under the Nairobi work programme

Community radio is radio run by and for communities in local languages, often with programming focused on issues at the heart of local development, such as climate change and environmental degradation. Stories about climate and environmental change appear in documentaries, interactive talk shows and drama and music, helping communities to learn more about these impacts and share their experiences of responding to them. Several organizations, including Nairobi work programme (NWP) partners,have been engaged in using community radio as a tool for raising awareness and conducting participative action research on climate change. There are considerable opportunities for NWP partner organizations and ...

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October 2010
Tracking Initiatives In Communication For Development In The Near East

The main objective of this booklet is to provide an overview of current initiatives and projects focusing on Communication for Development applied to natural resources management and agriculture in the region, assess the main challenges, and identify links and opportunities to strengthen their collaboration and further advance Communication for Development in the Near East region.

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June 2010
Communication pour le développement de la diffusion des technologies agricoles et forestières au Bas-Congo

Les mesures environnementales pour le développement durable liées à l'adaptation au changement climatique, à la gestion des bassins versants, à la gestion des risques de catastrophes, au développement territorial participatif, etc., nécessitent la mise en place de processus, d'outils et de méthodes de communication pour la sensibilisation, le partage des connaissances et la participantion cammunautaire. De plus en plus, les gouvernements et les institutions demandent la miss en oeuvre de stratégies et d'activités de Communication pour le développement (ComDev) dans les domaines de la gestion des ressources naturelles (GRN), de la sécurité alimentaire et de l'amélioration des conditions de vie ...

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April 2010
Communication Assessment and. Action Plan for the LACC Project in Bangladesh. Communication for Sustainable Development Initiative. Technical Paper

Several FAO projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America have successfully incorporated ComDev systems and components to support environmental and development programmes in rural areas. FAO and the Italian Ministry of Environment and Territory have agreed to a joint initiative named Communication for sustainable Development Initiative (CSDI) to strengthen national efforts in the applications of ComDev approaches and strategies to sustainable development policies and programmes, as well as to food security and rural livelhoods. Special attneiton isn given to the application of ComDev activities and initiatives to climate change adaptation in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors and in sustainable ...

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April 2010
Collaborative Change - A Communication Framework for Climate Change Adaptation and Food Security

This document has been prepared within the context of the Communication for Sustainable Development Initiative (CSDI), an FAO programme supported by the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Territory that intends to stregthen institutions' and people's capacities in the use of communication methods and tools to meet today's development chanllenges. The CSDI programme is engaged in documenting and testing experiences in the use of ComDev for climate change adaptation and food security, focusiing on strategies and services presently being supported at the field level in pilot areas in Bangladesh, Bolivia, DR Congo and the Caribbean.

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