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April 2010
Tracking Initiatives in Communication for Development in Near East

The main objective of this booklet is to provide an overview of current initiatives and projects focusing on Communication for Development applied to natural resources management and agriculture in the region, assess the main challenges, and identify links and opportunities to strengthen their collaboration and further advance Communication for Development in the region.

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September 2002
Capacity building for rural development

This paper highlights one of the functions of communication for development - the need to produce messages for capacity building, messages that impart relevant information while meeting the needs of local people in order to help them improve their immediate surroundings. FAO Communication for development projects have tested various methods and the use of appropriate training materials. This paper discusses examples from Latin America.

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July 2002
Rural radio and food security

In February 2001, the Extension, Education and Communication Service organized an international workshop on rural radio in Rome. Entitled "Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs): New Contents, New Partnerships", this meeting brought together radio broadcasters and experts from Africa, the United States and staff from international organizations, all of whom were interested in the promotion of rural radio. Participants expressed their need for content for their radio programmes, specifically need to receive scientific and technical information.

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October 2001
Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems in Hagaz, Eritrea

A move to farmer-responsive extension and advisory services requires a continuing dialogue between farmers and advisors and analysis of farmers' needs. The article by Chris Garforth of the University of Reading, UK, presents a study of local agricultural knowledge and information systems (AKIS) in Eritrea. The study was carried out in March 2001 with the SDRE Communication for Development Group and DANIDA/Eritrea. The study set out to develop methods for analysis that can be used by advisors in dialogue with farming communities. Findings highlighted local variations in AKIS, the key role played by farmers in introducing and adapting new agricultural ...

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September 2001
Participatory Communication and Adult Learning for Rural Development

The purpose of this publication is to provide an overview of the FAO Communication for Development Group’s work, arguably the foremost practitioner of applied communication for agricultural and other areas of rural development (e.g., forestry, environment, nutrition, population), over the past thirty years. During these three decades the role of communication has undergone a 180 degree shift from a one-way, top-down transfer of messages by extension to farmers, to a social process which starts with farmers and brings together both groups in a two-way sharing of information among communication equals - in short, participatory communication.

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