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March 2009
Virtual change

Indicators for assessing the impact of ICTs in development

Communication for Development, as a discipline, has reached an important crossroads with the emergence of new information and communications technologies (ICTs), the Internet and mobile telephony in particular. There has been sustained growth of ICT access and use across the globe with many developing countries choosing to invest heavily in ICT infrastructure as a key pillar of their poverty reduction strategies. These technologies have transformed how we work, organise and communicate with each other. Not only are technologies converging (a mobile phone device also allows access to the internet and radio) but so too are different disciplines or 'schools of ...

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November 2008
Information and Communication for Natural Resource Management in Agriculture

A training sourcebook

Adequate Natural Resource Management (NRM) in agriculture is a key to attain long term development efforts in rural areas. It requires building on local knowledge while fostering innovation, as well as facilitating participation to achieve a concerted action for development. Nowadays, several field programmes that are integrating communication strategies in their effort to support community based NRM and climate change adaptation, need orientation on how to systematically implement training activities in ComDev. The training sourcebook Information and Communication for Natural Resource Management in Agriculture is based on the results of a FAO project implemented in Cambodia, aimed at improving the ...

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July 2005
Participatory communication strategy design. A Handbook

This handbook is a step-by-step methodology for participatory communication strategy design, and the principles for communication planning, message development, multimedia material production and the implementation of communication activities in the field.

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June 2005
Participatory Communication Strategy Design

A Handbook. 2nd edition

Over the past thirty years FAO has field-tested successful Communication for Development approaches and methods for sharing information and knowledge and promoting development action, using participatory message design and the combined integrated use of traditional and modern media. Participatory Communication Strategy Design, A Handbook (2nd ed.) has been prepared as a training and reference guide for designing and implementing Communication for Development strategies for field projects. The Participatory Communication Strategy Design (PCSD) methodology is used to build on the results of the Participatory Rural Communication Appraisal (PRCA). PCSD outlines how to involve people in decision-making processes for effective communication planning ...

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January 2005
Participatory rural communication appraisal, Starting with the people. A Handbook

This Handbook describes the procedure for planning and conducting Participatory Rural Communication Appraisal (PRCA) as the first step in the design of cost-effective and appropriate Communication for Development programmes, strategies and materials at the field level.

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