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April 2004
The system of follow-up evaluations measuring the impact of radio transmissions

Methodological guide designed for local rural radio and community radio staff

Objectives of the methodology proposed in this paper include: defining the concept of follow-up evaluations and the types of evaluations; defining and determining the indicators of success and indicators for measuring the impact of programmes; identifying, in collaboration with the project teams, the main criteria and modalities necessary for evalutaion of the impact of activities; providing the project teams with the tools and techniques required for evaluating the impact of their activities and ; elaborating a work plan for the follow-up evaluations of activities and an evaluation of the impact of radio programmes.

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October 2003
Participatory communication: a key to rural learning systems

During the past three decades, the role of communication has undergone a dramatic change from a one-way, top-down transfer of messages by technicians to farmers, to a social process which starts with farmers and brings together both groups in a two-way sharing of information among communication equals. This approach, known as participatory communication, highlights the importance of cultural identity, concerted action and dialogue, local knowledge and stakeholder participation at all levels: international, local and individual.

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October 2003
Communication and Natural Resource Management

An E-forum on perspectives, principles and future directions

Throughout September 2003, 49 individuals working in the field of communication and natural resource management (CNRM) participated in an on-line discussion jointly moderated by FAO and The Communication Initiative. This e-forum was based on a review of the book “Communication and Natural Resource Management: Experience/Theory” which presents short case studies, reflections and exercises to guide readers through a self learning process about CNRM and how to improve its impact in the field. As part of the same process, participants analysed the main results of the e-forum and made recommendations for future action.

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April 2002
Az Dekhon ba Dekhon (Farmer to Farmer): A participatory radio series for private farmers in Tajikistan

Farmers in Tajikistan have only recently begun to farm with a measure of independence from the state and collective farms of the Soviet era. They face enormous challenges: breakdown of the rural Soviet infrastructure, lack of effective structures to support private farming, lack of finance, endemic corruption, poor rule of law, and during 2000 and 2001 very severe drought. Moreover, there has been almost no discussion in the media of the real problems they face. Farmers do not have reliable sources of information, even on the most basic, uncontroversial, technical aspects of farming. The radio series Farmer to Farmer aims, ...

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