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Information and Knowledge Resources



The David Lubin Memorial Library is considered to be one of the world's finest collections in food, agriculture and international development. Through the library web site, researchers have access to FAO publications and technical documents; publications produced by FAO partners and other important players in the field of international development, and databases that can be used to identify key publications produced in all major fields of FAO expertise.



The CDR is a digital library of publications produced by FAO, current and past. Documents can be browsed on-line and/or downloaded for further reference and reading. It enables users to easily access the accumulated knowledge produced by FAO directly on the Internet and to find valuable information on agriculture, food security and other essential areas of FAO's work.



FAO publications aim at developing and improving the efficiency of food production and distribution worldwide, and deal with a wide range of technical and normative aspects. FAO publishes titles on plant and animal protection, genetics, land and water development, forestry, fisheries, nutrition, food standards and commodities trade, economic and social policy, environmental monitoring, legislation and investment, and all general aspects of the world food situation.



The FAO Open Archive initiative (FAO OA) will provide open access to FAO’s digital information and knowledge assets, adopting international standards for information exchange. The FAO OA integrates the metadata and workflow aspects of the FAO Corporate Document Respository with those of the FAO Library Catalogue, offering a streamlined procedure for collecting, managing and disseminating the information and knowledge resources published by FAO.



The FAO Country Profiles portal re-organizes a vast amount of information and knowledge available on the FAO Web Site, providing one-stop access to this information relevant to, and associated with, each FAO member country. It also offers links to a selected number of external resources, again organized by country.



Agrifeeds is an aggregator and filter for agricultural news, events and job announcements. All organizations and individuals who produce such information can register their feeds through this service. Users of Agrifeeds can aggregate and filter the feeds registered through the service to generate customized feeds for their own websites or feed readers. Agrifeeds is one of the services developed under the CIARD initiative.