Office of Knowledge Exchange, Research and Extension
Knowledge Exchange and Networks



The FAO Knowledge Strategy, developed in 2009 under the coordination of OEK, formulates a vision and way forward in terms of Knowledge Sharing for the Organization, and is based on formal and informal consultations with FAO units and divisions. It provides a conceptual framework to strengthen FAO role to facilitate knowledge exchange, and promotes the uptake of new approaches and practices for more effective knowledge sharing.



In early 2009, OEK helped to organize the first Knowledge Share Fair. The Share Fair was a joint effort of the Rome-based international organizations working on agriculture and food security and was hosted by FAO in Rome. It showcased innovative and interactive methods to share lessons learned and facilitate networking and collaboration. Since the 2009 Share Fair, OEK has helped to organize a number of FAO regional and Headquarters Share Fairs. OEK provides ongoing support and advice to other FAO units and external partners on the planning and organization of thematic and/or regional Knowledge Sharing events..



The Knowledge Café is an internal site providing FAO staff with the possibility to reach out and connect to each other. It allows for creation of personal profiles, sharing of upcoming news and events, asking and answering questions about knowledge sharing at work and posting experiences through the "sharing in action" blog. All these focus on how knowledge sharing tools and methods as well as lessons learned are applied at FAO.



Networks and Communities are vital to the evolving role of FAO as facilitator of knowledge. In support of this, OEK provides training and coaching to staff on how to coordinate and sustain networks and communities. It has also helps to identify appropriate technologies to support these initiatives. The Office can help to plan, set up, cultivate, monitor and evaluate your network and community.



Ask FAO is a web-based FAO information service launched in 2005, that lets users pose questions directly to experts in the Organization. It includes a searchable “knowledge base” of answers to frequently asked questions covering issues as varied as how to ask FAO for technical assistance to finding out national rates of deforestation. It is a service driven by user information needs, and it serves as a knowledge portal, providing answers to queries related to the organization's areas of expertise.



e-Agriculture is a global community of practice to enhance sustainable agricultural development and food security by improving the use of information, communication, and associated technologies (ICT) in the sector. The community's aim is to enable members to exchange opinions, experiences, good practices and resources related to e-agriculture, and to ensure that the knowledge created is effectively shared and used worldwide.

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