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In line with FAO’s overall policy of progressive decentralization, primary responsibility for publishing rests with the departments/offices/units/decentralized offices. OEK is responsible for the development and nurturing of an enabling environment for effective publishing. This includes: management of the FAO Publishing Policy, publishing standards, procedures and tools; provision of advisory support; marketing including quota distribution and sales activities; management and protection of FAO intellectual property, including copyright; and management of the use of the FAO emblem in the context of publishing.



The objectives of the AIMS initiative are to create a clearing house for information management standards and to share and promote the use of common methodologies and tools. AIMS provides semantic-based services in the agricultural domain, making available knowledge organization systems, metadata standards, methodologies, ontologies and functional tools, and web services for use by information professionals and subject-domain experts.



All the FAO’s sites contribute to a single online “FAO” presence. Therefore, each site should apply quality criteria to enforce the perception of the Organization as a high quality publisher of expert, neutral, global, technical information. Raising the quality of Web sites can have immediate measurable impacts, such as increasing the number of returning visitors that interact with, and stay longer on, your site. There are various aspects of Web quality; some of the related criteria are easy to measure while others are subjective. Most criteria are the result of research and studies in Web usability and accessibility. To make Web publishing in FAO more efficient and effective, a Web Guide is available for internal staff and it collects in one convenient place, the guidelines, policies and procedures for the smooth implementation and maintenance of FAO Web sites and systems.

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