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  Report of the Secretary-General on the recommendations contained in the report of the High-level Panel on United Nations System-wide Coherence in the Areas of Development, Humanitarian Assistance and the Environment
  Report of the Secretary-General's High-Level Panel on System-wide Coherence: 'Delivering as One'
  Triennial comprehensive policy review of operational activities for development of the United Nations system
  ECOSOC July 2006 - Progress in the Implementation of General Assembly Resolution 59/250
  General Assembly Resolution: 2005 World Summit Outcome

Meeting the “One UN” challenge

In keeping with FAO’s efforts to assist its Member States to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and to work together with the wider United Nations family to achieve in particular, the first goal, that of reducing by half the world’s poor and hungry people by 2015,  this page will help to track progress in working with the United Nations to implement a new approach, the One United Nations initiative.   


The High-Level Panel on UN System-wide Coherence in the Areas of Development, Humanitarian Assistance and the Environment (HLP), established by the UN Secretary-General, provided a number of recommendations that seek to reduce fragmentation and harness the full capacity of the UN system in support of development.

The former UN Secretary-General entrusted the Chair of the United Nations Development Group with the task of coordinating, with other UN system entities, implementation of eight pilot initiatives in which a One United Nations  approach, characterised by One Programme, One Budget, One Leader and One set of management systems, is being tested. The eight pilots are being undertaken at the request, and under the leadership, of the Governments of the following countries: Albania, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Pakistan; Rwanda, Tanzania, Uruguay and Viet Nam.

The role of FAO

FAO for its part, will work within the areas of its mandate, with the concerned UN partners to help to realize the One United Nations initiative and to help improve the performance of the United Nation’s operational activities at country level and to reduce the cost of the UN’s work at country-level. FAO is participating in the One-UN Pilot initiative as member of the UN country teams concerned.

FAO’s reform process anticipated the need for a strengthened and dynamic role of the Organization at the country level which included greater decentralization of authority to the country and subregional levels.  Thus FAO involvement in the One United Nations will include not only the full or partial involvement of FAO Representative offices in the pilot countries as well as the sub-regional and regional offices but will also involve input from relevant units at FAO headquarters towards an overall coordination of efforts and sharing of information.

Keeping you informed

As the One UN experience evolves, this Website will be updated to keep you informed of developments as they emerge.


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