Title: Producción de Hortalizas Orgánicas en el Hospital de Coroico.

Objectives: Mejorar la alimentación de los pacientes del Hospital de Coroico.


Title: School Garden and Vegetable Farm


  • To introduce organic vegetables to the community for current use and for future food security.
  • To help the youth group generate income by selling vegetables to the community in order to keep up other activities of their association.
  • To enable the education centre to generate alternative income.
  • Most of all, to allow the beneficiaries and the community better access to a rich source of vitamins from vegetables and fruits, which are well balanced, for proper dietary needs.


Title: Support the Diversification of the Organic Farms of APROCAMP

Objectives: Improve organic coffee production and diversify the farms in order to obtain higher incomes and better nutrition for the farmers.

Title: Procesamiento y Torrefacción de Café Orgánico LENCA

Objectives: Mejorar el proceso de elaboración y torrefacción del café orgánico para obtener mayores ingresos y mejorar la nutrición de las agricultoras.


Title: Establecimiento de Cultivos de Hortalizas, Usando Vermicomposta de la Basura Orgánica,Texcoco, Estado de México

Objectives: Formar una microempresa comunal autogestionaria para la producción de hortalizas orgánicas con el abono generado del composteo de los residuos sólidos orgánicos, especialmente para el consumo local, de este modo contribuir a mejorar la dieta alimenticia familiar; generar empleos y mejorar los ingresos familiares de los participantes.


Title: Mutahefonua Organic Growing Construction of Pig Pens

Objectives: To foster potential young farmers and entice other families to adapt to sustainable farming by integrating traditional and conventional farming practices; to reduce and minimize the use of imported chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and to gradually replenish and improve the soil by using inexpensive local organic matter.


Title: Small Ruminants for Improved Household Food Security in Nagazo Village


  • To assist women to reach self-sufficiency of milk production.
  • To increase the family income through selling extra milk.
  • To train women in small?project administration.
  • To train how to use organic matter as fertilizer.
  • To provide children with high nutritive value to train women for milk processing.


Title: Development Organic Agriculture in the Drinking Water Dam Basins

Objectives: Introduction and dissemination of organic farming in fodder crop production; increased income level of poor farmers through an environmentally friendly farming technique; diminished environmental contamination via organic agricultural production techniques; and diminished water contamination in the dam basin.