Title: Household Level Gardening through Organic Farming Technology

Objective: 1. To improve the overall food security status of the proposed 23 barangays in the Municipality of Ragay. 2. To provide the necessary training on cost effective and indigenous vegetable (organic) farming technique to 100% of identified beneficiaries; 3. To conduct one (1) nutrition education session and home scale simple vegetable processing/preservation training for 100% of the beneficiaries; 4. To provide all necessary farm inputs listed in the Cost Estimates in Table 7 to all beneficiaries; 5. To increase vegetable production of target barangays by at least 50% through the application of indigenous but cost effective and sustainable farm practices; 6. To reduce the number of food insecure households by 50% and improve the diet diversity of the sentinel barangays; and 7. To increase the total family income of beneficiaries by at least 10% through sale of surplus production.


Title: Project of Organic Vegetable Production Base

Objective: The project is planned to establish organic vegetable production base in Shiwu Village, planting organic vegetables, so as to promote increase of school's income, improve the nutritional supplement of student groups.