Processing and Marketing
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Processing and Marketing

Details Organic supply chains for small farmer income generation in developing countries (2013)

Details Climate Assurance Systems for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries - A Report by Ecofys (2010)

Details Guide For Decision Makers (2010)

Details The Market for Organic Products in Asia-Pacific (2010)

Details Assessment of the European and North American Market for Organic Cacao, Coffee and Vanilla (2009)

Details Comparative Analysis of Organic and Non-Organic Farming Systems: A Critical Assessment of Farm Profitability (2009)

Details Organic Agriculture and Fair Trade in Pacific Island Countries (2009)

Details The Market for Organic Products in Asia¿Pacific (2009)

Details La Certificación En La Cadena De Valor De Las Frutas Frescas (2009)

Details Certification in the Value Chain for Fresh Fruits (2008)

Details Value-Adding Standards in the North American Food Market (2008)

Details Marketing Strategies and Organisational Structures under Different Organic Certification Schemes (2007)

Details Environmental and Macroeconomic Impact Assessment of Different Development Scenarios to Organic and Low-Input Farming in Croatia (2005)

Details Marketing Study on Organic and other Selected Special Quality Products from Croatia (2005)

Details Organic Markets and Local Markets Development (2005)

Details Production and Export of Organic Fruit and Vegetables in Asia (2005)

Details The Japanese Market for Environmentally and Socially Certified Agricultural Products from Central America (2005)

Details Mercadeo de los productos orgnicos en Bolivia - El caso ASOPEC (2003)

Details Proceedings of the Seminar on the Production and Exports of Organic Fruit and Vegetables in Asia (2003)

Details Report of the Third Expert Meeting on Socially and Environmentally Responsible Horticulture Production and Trade (2003)

Details World Markets for Organic Citrus and Citrus Juices: Current Market Situation and Medium-Term Prospects (2003)

Details Tercera reunión de expertos sobre una producción y un comercio hortícola social y ambientalmente responsable (2003)

Details Handling and Processing of Organic Fruits and Vegetables in Developing Countries (2002)

Details Proceedings of the Conference on Supporting the Diversification of Exports through Organic Horticulture (2002)

Details Background Document for Discussion at the Ad-Hoc Expert Meeting on Responsible Banana Production and Trade - San José, Costa Rica, 10-11th December 2001 (2001)

Details Economic and Financial Comparison of Organic and Conventional Citrus-growing Systems in Spain (2001)

Details Second Expert Meeting on Socially and Environmentally Responsible Banana Production and Trade - Report (2001)

Details World Markets for Organic Fruit and Vegetables (2001)

Details Nuevas cuestiones que afectan a los mercados de productos básicos (2001)

Details Los Mercados Mundiales de Frutas y Verduras Orgánicas (2001)

Details Problèmes nouveaux et émergents touchant les marchés des produits de base (2001)

Details القضايا الجديدة والناشئة التي تؤثر في أسواق السلع (2001)

Details Evaluación Económico - Financiera de los sistemas de cultivo en cítricos biológicos (orgánicos) versus convencionales (2001)

Details Producing and Marketing Quality Organic Products: Opportunities and Challenges (1999)

Details The Market for "Organic" and "Fair-Trade" Bananas (1999)

Details Mercado del banano "biológico" y de "comercio equitativo" (1999)

Details Le marché de la banane "biologique" et de la banane du commerce équitable (1999)